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Decentralised energy networks

A decentralised energy network (DEN) is a system of pipes that carries hot water and steam from where it is created to where it will be used for heating and hot water in local homes and businesses.

Decentralised energy networks can deliver economic, environmental and social benefits, including helping to reduce Enfield’s carbon footprint, providing a secure supply of heat, and new job and investment opportunities.


We introduced policies to make sure that developments use greener forms of energy, including the need to link all large new developments to a decentralised energy network. We have prepared guidance to make sure these networks reduce carbon emissions, are long lasting and reduce fuel costs.

The Draft DEN SPD (PDF, 2MB) sets out technical guidance which would be considered with Local Plan policies, when decisions are made on planning applications. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Statement (PDF, 100KB) accompanies this.

The six-week consultation on the Draft DEN SPD closed on 1 July 2015.