Listed buildings

Buildings are listed when they have special architectural or historical interest. Government listing gives a building statutory protection, meaning that you must get Listed Building Consent before undertaking any work that affects its significance.

Statutory listed buildings

View the official list of statutory listed buildings (PDF , 191KB) (updated March 2017).

Local listed buildings

Creating a Local Heritage List helps councils and communities identify local landmarks. Our Local Plan includes policies to ensure their importance is considered when a building alteration is proposed.

We have prepared a draft Local Heritage List (PDF , 3MB), alongside the Enfield Society, Enfield Conservation Advisory Group, Enfield Local History and Historic England.

Public consultation on the draft Local Heritage List  (including consultation with property owners) is open for public comment until 30 November 2016. Following this the draft List will be presented to Cabinet for approval.

You can email your comments or write to:

Strategic Planning & Design Service
Regeneration & Environment
Enfield Council

Useful information:

See our current local list (PDF , 28KB).

Sculptures and blue plaques

You can find a list of sculptures here (PDF, 401KB), and an index of this list can be found here (PDF, 103KB).

A comprehensive list of Enfield's blue plaques can be found here (PDF, 94KB)