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Heritage Strategy

Over the next five years we expect Enfield to change and grow rapidly. This will bring more residents and visitors to the borough, with its historic environment, museums and local studies library and archives. We need to plan how we manage heritage, as this will shape how we develop new places, enhance existing areas and recognise the heritage of our communities.

Our plans for the next five years are set out in our new Heritage Strategy ‘Making Enfield: Heritage Strategy 2019-24’, which we developed together with local community groups. It gives further guidance on existing council policy on heritage and will be a supplementary planning document to the Local Plan.


Consultation on the draft ‘Making Enfield: Heritage Strategy 2019-24’ ran between Wednesday 5 December 2018 and 5pm on Thursday 28 February 2019. We consulted on the draft Heritage Strategy alongside the draft new Local Plan 2036.

The draft document was available on this website. Copies were also available at the Civic Centre and all borough libraries. We made presentations to area ward forums across the borough and a number of community group meetings.

We reviewed all comments received and considered appropriate changes to the draft document. These comments and consequent changes to the draft are summarised in the Consultation Statement (PDF).

Making Enfield: Enfield Heritage Strategy 2019-24 (PDF) was adopted as a supplementary planning document to the Core Strategy (2010) and Development Management Document (2014) by a meeting of the Local Plan Cabinet Sub-Committee on Thursday 27 June 2019. It will be a material consideration in planning applications and shape how we manage the borough’s heritage over the next five years, and as we draft a new Local Plan.

View the Adoption Statement (PDF) and Equalities Impact Assessment (PDF).