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Local land charges search

A local land charge (LLC) is an obligation or restriction on property or land that applies to its owners. A ‘charge’ doesn’t always mean a financial charge and can include restrictions on the conditions in a planning consent, a tree preservation order, or an enforcement notice, among many other things.

The LLC register is a public register, which members of the public or agents can search. The local authority maintains the register and completes submitted searches of the register, as well as CON 29R enquiries.

A full official local authority search has two parts, which are LLC1 and CON 29R.

LLC1 covers registrable charges such as:

  • grants
  • tree preservation orders
  • planning consent
  • conservation areas
  • some enforcement notices

CON 29R gives additional details on a property or piece of land to a potential buyer such as:

  • highway information
  • road status
  • building control

When you conduct a full official local authority search you have:

  • indemnity insurance of £10 million
  • an Original Certificate of Search (LLC1) that only a local authority can give

To make a search, register online and submit a plan showing the location and boundaries of the property. This will ensure that all the relevant information is identified.

You will need to pay by debit or credit card.

Make a land charges search


Effective from 1 January 2017, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Service are imposing VAT on land searches for land charges in the UK. HMRC have indicated that these changes will affect all CON29 and CON29 component searches but will not be applicable to LLC1 elements of the land charges searches. We will begin to charge VAT to all customers after 31 March 2017.

Type of search Fee
Residential full local authority search (LLC1 and CON29R) £230
Residential LLC1 only £50
Residential CON 29R only £180
Non-residential (industrial/land) full local authority search (LLC1 and CON29R) £278

View the full price structure for local land charges (PDF).

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