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Planning enforcement

The planning enforcement team deals with unauthorised building work and other breaches of planning control and supports our vision for a Cleaner Greener Enfield.

Report a breach of planning control

If you suspect a breach of planning control, you can email enviro.crime@enfield.gov.uk.

You should tell us:

  • the location/address of the breach or land
  • a description of the breach or problem
  • when the activity started
  • how it is affecting you or your property
  • the names and addresses of any owners, occupiers or companies involved
  • your contact details so we can keep you updated

We will keep your details confidential and won’t disclose them without your permission.

After you have filed a report, we will send you an acknowledgement with information about your case, including a reference number and the name of the person dealing with your case. A site visit will also be made and we will let you what action we can take.