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Assets of community value

Community right to bid

The community right to bid gives voluntary and community organisations and parish councils the opportunity to nominate an asset they believe is locally important to be listed as an ‘asset of community value’.

If the owner of a listed property wishes to sell, they must tell the council. The eligible community groups will then be able to bid to purchase the asset within six months. The owner is free to sell to whoever they want after this time has passed.

What is an asset of community value?

This is a building or piece of land that enhances the social wellbeing and interests of the local community. It can include cultural, recreational, or sporting interests, and the property can be either privately or publically owned. Refer to the regulations for further information.

Can I nominate?

To nominate, you must be:

  • part of a neighbourhood forum as per the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
  • a member of the parish council
  • a group of at least 21 people that does not distribute profits to members
  • a registered charity
  • a company limited by guarantee which does not distribute profits to members
  • an industrial society which does not distribute profits to members
  • a community interest company

You must also provide evidence that your organisation has a connection to Enfield or the neighbouring borough and that profits are used for the benefit of the community.

How do I nominate?

You will need to complete the nomination form (PDF), which will ask you to provide:

  • description of the asset being nominated and the proposed boundaries
  • details of the current freeholders, leaseholders and occupants of the asset
  • evidence that you are eligible to nominate
  • the reason you’re nominating the asset

Once you’ve completed the form and assembled the necessary information, you will need to email acv@enfield.gov.uk or post it to:

Strategic Property Services
Enfield Council
PO Box No 51
Civic Centre
Silver Street

What happens next

Once your application is received, it will firstly be validated and we will then make a decision within eight weeks.

Successful nominations

If your nomination is successful, the property owner will be told and the asset will be placed on the List of Assets of Community Value (PDF) for five years.

Unsuccessful nominations

All unsuccessful nominations will be listed on a separate register for Unsuccessful Nominations of Assets of Community Value (PDF) for five years.

How can I appeal against a listing?

Only the owner of the nominated asset can appeal. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, they can then make a second formal appeal to the Tribunal.

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