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Abandoned, dangerous and unwanted vehicles

You can report an abandoned vehicle if:

  • you think it has no owner or is untaxed
  • it is damaged (including flat tyres, wheels removed or missing number plates). Excessively damaged vehicles (including those that are burnt out or have broken windows) are considered dangerous vehicles

You can find out information about a vehicle and its registered keeper using the DVLA. You can also check the vehicle’s tax status. We're unable to deal with untaxed vehicles parked on private land or untaxed foreign-plated vehicles.

When you make your report, you will need to include the vehicle registration number, model, make and colour.

We will investigate and remove the vehicle if we think it is abandoned or if its road tax has expired by more than two months.

Vehicles on private land can also be reported and are investigated for a fee of £166.67 + VAT per vehicle. Abandoned vehicles will be removed at no further charge. An officer will contact you to discuss.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Dangerous vehicles are those that are excessively damaged (for example, burnt out or with broken windows), or considered a hazard. This also includes unhitched trailers and caravans. We will investigate and remove a vehicle if we think it is dangerous.

In case of an emergency (for example, if a vehicle is on fire), you should always contact the police.

Report a dangerous vehicle

We offer a free service to help you dispose of your unwanted vehicle.

To do this, we will need your vehicle registration certificate before we can pick up your car. We will remove the vehicle within 16 working days.

Report an unwanted vehicle