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Bridges and other road structures

We look after a number of bridges and other road structures (retaining walls and embankments safety barriers, and subways) in the borough.

You can report damage to the bridges and other road structures we maintain.

When you report the problem you should provide:

  • location of the bridge or structure
  • name of the bridge or structure
  • name of nearby river, watercourse, railway or road
  • type of damage

If the damage was caused by a vehicle, include a brief description of what happened and the vehicle registration number in the report.

Reports via our website are processed during office hours only, and in the order they are received. If you think the problem is dangerous and may cause an accident, call us on 020 8379 1000 to report this instead.

Some bridges and other structures are looked after by other companies, such as Network Rail and Transport for London. These often have a sign telling you who to contact if you see any damage. If there is a sign, report problems directly to the company.