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Electric vehicle charging

There are already several electric vehicle charging points in Enfield. You can find these by visiting Zap Map.

We are currently focused on providing rapid charging points in key locations, rather than on-street charging points for individual residential properties.

If you wish to submit an expression of interest, we will consider providing a charging point in or near areas of high demand. You should submit your expression of interest to transportation@enfield.gov.uk and include your:

  • name
  • email
  • home address (including postcode)

You should also let us know:

  • if you own or rent your property
  • if you have off-street parking at your property, including a garage to the side or rear
  • if you already own or intend to buy an electric vehicle
  • the maximum charging rate in kW of the vehicle
  • if you are a taxi or private hire vehicle driver

It is worth bearing in mind:

  • we can only provide facilities on public roads where there is enough space (pedestrian and cycle routes need to be kept clear)
  • if you live in a private housing development that has car parking, you should approach your management company
  • we will assume that by submitting an expression of interest, you're happy for us to store the information provided and process it in line with our data handling policies