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Road drainage

We maintain road drainage such as:

  • pipes and ditches along the side of the road
  • road drains or gullies that clear water from the surface of the road

Road drains flow to rivers and polluting these structures will ultimately pollute our watercourses.

We will investigate problems with a road drain. After heavy rainfall, wait to see if the water clears before making a report.

Reports via our website are processed during office hours only, and in the order they are received. If you think the problem is dangerous and may cause an accident, call us on 020 8379 1000 to report this instead.

If you notice a problem with a road drain in a council owned or ex-council owned property, contact the estate officer. You should report issues with drains on private roads or forecourts to the land owner.

Contact Thames Water if you see a sewer problem or a water leak causing standing water on the road.

Make sure that your plumbing and sewers are connected correctly to prevent pollution of our rivers.

We can retrieve items from a road gully for a £186 fee. This service isn't available out of hours and the fee applies even if the item can't be retrieved.

Report a road drain problem

Report a ditch problem

Report standing water on the street