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Rubbish and recycling for schools and businesses

Commercial rubbish vehicle

We offer a competitively priced commercial rubbish and recycling service for schools and businesses. Our tailored service will provide you with an account manager and includes:

  • a free waste audit
  • at least one collection per week
  • container hire
  • Waste Transfer Notes

We also offer a paper and cardboard recycling service with:

  • bin hire
  • weekly collections
  • Waste Transfer Notes

Request a new commercial waste collection

For a comprehensive guide about rubbish and recycling for use by schools, including information about what should go in the bins and bin collections, see our school information pack (PDF), recycling poster (PDF) and bin stickers (PDF).

Additional services

We also provide additional commercial services for schools and businesses who already have a contract with us. This includes:

  • large or bulky rubbish collections
  • requests for additional bins or sacks
  • requests for a different size bin
  • reporting damaged bins

Private commercial waste disposal centres

You can also drop off your commercial waste at private disposal centres. The price depends on the amount of rubbish you have.

Company Telephone number Address
Powerday 020 8443 5258 Jeffreys Road
Oakwood Plant 020 8803 2222 Eley Industrial Estate
N18 3BH
O'Donovan  0800 731 3332 82 Markfield Road
N15 4QF

You can’t take commercial waste to Barrowell Green Recycling Centre. If you don't get rid of your commercial waste properly, for example, leaving it out in an open area, you can be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000.

Time-banded collections

We are trialling a system of time-banded collections in the town centre area. Time-bands don't apply if your rubbish is stored and collected directly from the property.

You will only be able to place your rubbish and recycling on these roads and pavements at specific times for collection.

You can place rubbish out for collection between 6am – 7am and 5:30pm – 6:30pm every day. Collections will take place within the hour after leaving your rubbish out.

Time-banded collections in EN1 are located on:

  • Burleigh Way
  • Cecil Road
  • Church Street
  • Genotin Road
  • Genotin Terrace
  • Hatton Walk
  • Little Park Gardens
  • London Road
  • Southbury Road (4-12 Southbury Road)
  • St Onge Parade
  • Sarnesfield Road
  • Silver Street
  • The Town

If you miss the time-band to put out your bins, you must wait until the next collection.

You can receive a £110 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) if you do not follow the time-banded collection restrictions. If you continue to put rubbish out incorrectly, we may issue a second £110 FPN and even prosecute.

For more information on your waste collection, refer to our Waste Receptacle Regulations (PDF).