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Rubbish dumping and litter

Rubbish dumping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish. You can report dumped rubbish for us to investigate.

If you see or hear of someone dumping rubbish, you should include as many details as you can in the report, such as:

  • details and descriptions of the people who dumped the rubbish (if possible)
  • details of the vehicle that dumped the rubbish, including registration number (if possible)
  • the type of rubbish

We can only remove dumped rubbish on roads and council-owned land. You should contact the landowner if you find dumped rubbish on private land. We will remove it only if it becomes a health and safety hazard.

If the dumped rubbish is on the public highway or council housing land, we will remove it within 24 hours. We will give you an update of our investigation within ten days.

If the rubbish is in or by rivers, streams or canals, or on their paths or banks, contact the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060.


You can help us by reporting litter problems so our street sweeping team can remove it or we can find the person responsible.

Our enforcement officers can hand out a £150 Fixed Penalty Notice if they catch someone dropping litter.

Report fly-tipping or litter

Report a dog waste bin or litter bin problem