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Hiring a skip

All skips in driveways or gardens require permission, while skips on the road need to be licensed. The company you hire will apply for a skip licence from us on your behalf. You can choose from our list of registered skip companies or use a different company. A skip company must register with us before we will give them a licence.

If your skip is on the road or pavement, it must be lit at night (half an hour before sunset and after sunrise) and during poor visibility. Lamps should be attached to each corner of the skip facing the street.

There is a fee if we have to add lamps to make your skip safe. The skip company should pay this fee unless otherwise stated in your hire agreement.

If you want a skip in your driveway or garden, we may make a site visit and, if permission is given, will require a refundable deposit of £400 to cover any potential damage to the pavement or verge.

Registered skip companies

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