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How you can prevent waste

You can buy compost bins as well as kitchen composters, water butts and wormeries online at Get Composting

Different sizes are available and prices start from £17.98 (plus delivery) for a 220l compost bin.

At the moment, 220l and 330l compost bins are on a buy one, get one half price special offer.

You can also visit Love Food Hate Waste for more tips on how to reduce food waste and save money.

Reusable nappies are biodegradable and can help you save up to £500 per child compared to disposable nappies.

You can apply for a nappy subsidy of up to £54.15 per child to buy reusable nappies. You will need to provide:

  • a photocopy of the child’s birth certificate
  • original receipts for reusable nappies
  • proof of residence

For more information on nappy subsidies, refer to the real nappy information pack (PDF).

Apply for a nappy subsidy (PDF)

You can help the environment by reducing the junk mail you receive.

Ways to reduce junk mail

  • Ask to be removed from old mailing lists
  • Check the box asking not to be placed on mailing list when completing forms
  • Register for free with the Mailing Preference Service to remove your name and address from most mailing lists
  • Register with Royal Mail to reduce the amount of unaddressed mail 

We are part of the NLWA, which is responsible for helping us dispose of our rubbish. For more information visit NLWA

For more information on how you can reduce your waste, increase recycling, and find out about events in your area, visit Wise Up To Waste.

If you put the wrong items in your recycling bin or sack, all the items may be disposed of as rubbish. For more information on why it is important to put the right items into your recycling bin or sack, watch NLWA Contamination Animation - Wise up to Waste.

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Did you know that in the UK:

  • 13.5 billion 'five a day' portions are thrown away each year
  • 3.1 million slices of cheese are thrown away each day
  • In 2015 alone, £15 billion of edible food was thrown away from our homes
  • Every day 20 million whole slices of bread are thrown away, mostly because they are not used in time

Your food isn't rubbish

The simple steps below can help you save money and create less food waste. This also means less packaging and more room in the rubbish bins for things you really need to throw out, and is a lot easier than you might think.

  • Keep your fridge temperature between 0°C and 5°C
  • Pre-plan meals and make a shopping list to prevent you buying too much
  • Freeze food you think you might not be able to eat in time – fruit (including berries and bananas), bread and cheese can all be frozen
  • Get creative and make tasty meals from left overs

All information is from Love Food Hate Waste, where you can find more tips on how to reduce food waste and save money.

You can also share your recipes, photos and events by adding #lfhw_enfield to your social media posts on Instagram and Facebook.