Clinical waste collection

If you are an NHS patient treating yourself at home, we can collect and dispose of clinical waste for free.

This service is not for residents being cared for by a community nurse or other health professional. Any waste should be disposed of by the healthcare provider.

We collect:

  • sharps, syringes and needles (a special bin will be provided)
  • surgical dressings and swabs

We don’t collect:

  • certain pharmaceutical products
  • human tissue

You can dispose of these items with your household rubbish:

  • Bed pan contents and liners
  • Nappies and incontinence pads
  • Stoma bags and urine containers (where there is no blood)

Items should be wrapped securely and put in tied plastic bags.

You can request a weekly collection service for bags. You will need to make a request each time to have a sharps bin collected. When requesting a collection, you will need to tell us about the clinical waste you would like us to collect. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange a collection.

If you cancel a collection, you will need to submit a new request for future collections.

Missed collections must be reported within 24 hours of collection day. Reports made after this time may not be investigated.

Household clinical waste collection information

Collection day



EN1, EN2, EN4, N11, N13, N14, N21, N22


EN3, EN8, N9, N17, N18

When we collect your sack(s) or sharps bin we will give you the same number of replacement bags and bins. If you live in a house, place your sealed clinical waste visibly on your doorstep by 6:30am on your collection day. If you live in a flat, place your clinical waste visibly in the communal bin area. These terms also apply to schools.

Request a clinical waste collection

Cancel a clinical waste collection