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Upcoming changes to bin collections

We've made changes to your rubbish and recycling collection services. We have now introduced:

  • free weekly food recycling, which started 4 November 2019
  • an optional paid for garden waste service, which started 4 November 2019
  • an alternate weekly collection service of rubbish (grey or black lidded bin) and recycling (blue lidded bin) from 2 March 2020

These changes affect kerbside properties that already have bins. Flats or properties with sacks will not be affected.

These services are changing because we need to make £18 million of savings in 2019/20, and a further £12 million the following year. This means that along with other local authorities, we are having to make difficult decisions about the future of many council services.

The changes aim to increase recycling and reduce rubbish, making a significant, positive impact on the environment. See more information about how to reduce your rubbish and recycling.

For information on what you can put in your bins, see what goes in your bins.

Fortnightly collections – 2 March 2020

From 2 March 2020, your rubbish bin (grey lidded) and recycling bin (blue lidded) will be collected alternate weekly, instead of every week. Collection days are remaining the same, only the weeks in which bins are collected are changing.

In February 2020 residents will receive further information, including a leaflet and collection calendar on alternate weekly collections of rubbish and recycling.

Find your collection day and week

View the Alternate Weekly Rubbish and Recycling Collections FAQs (PDF) and Alternate Weekly Collections booklet (PDF).

Smaller 140 litre recycling bins (blue lidded) can be upgraded, free of charge, to larger 240 litre recycling bins during the service change. If you have registered your interest in a larger recycling bin, these will be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. You should take measures to reduce your waste until you receive your larger bin.

When the new bin is delivered, we will remove your smaller bin after collection when empty, and replace it with a larger bin. The exchange may not happen at the same time, but the replacement bin will be delivered on the same day.

The 140 litre rubbish bins (grey lidded) are standard. Larger 240 litre rubbish bins will be made available to residents who meet the following criteria:

  • two or more children in nappies
  • family of five or more
  • medical or incontinence waste

Assessments for larger rubbish bins

You will need an assessment before you can get a larger rubbish bin. Assessments will take place within fourteen days of notification and will be carried out the day before your scheduled collection.

Following a successful assessment, your smaller bin will be swapped for a larger bin within four weeks.

See more information about applying for a larger rubbish bin and assessments.

This web page will be updated on a regular basis. You can also keep up to date by signing up for our recycling newsletter.

The new optional paid for garden waste service is a fortnightly collection of a small 140 litre or larger 240 litre green lidded garden waste bin. This replaces your existing mixed food and garden waste service.

The annual charge for the garden waste collection service is £65 per bin and runs from April to March. If you apply by 12 March 2020, you will get a full twelve months' service.

You can subscribe for more than one bin or upgrade to a larger bin if needed when you pay. If you already subscribe, you can also add additional bins to your subscription.

You will receive a permit along with information on the service once you subscribe (within ten working days). Due to the coronavirus situation, permits may take slightly longer to arrive but this should not affect your collections. Stick the permit on your garden waste bin, following the instructions included about where to place it. The permit will also have your address pre-printed on it to identify it as your bin. You are expected to continue using your existing green bin for garden waste as this is better for the environment than issuing new bins. If your bin has been removed, you can request a replacement when you subscribe.

View the full terms and conditions of the service (PDF).

Subscribed customers

If you subscribe to the garden waste service, you can:

  • cancel your subscription
  • reduce the number of bins collected
  • tell us if you're moving out of Enfield
  • tell us if you're moving within Enfield
  • request a replacement permit

For information on what you can put in your garden waste bin, see what goes in your bins.

Collection days

Once you subscribe to the service your garden waste will be collected fortnightly. Allow ten working days for us to process the information and add your address to our collection list. Your collection week may have changed, so you should check back in early November to confirm.

Missed collections

We collect your garden waste between 6:30am and 4pm on your collection day. Your bin must be placed in the front of your property boundary by 6:30am or it may not be collected. Missed collections must be reported within 24 hours of collection day. Reports made after this time may not be investigated

Our collection vehicles are fitted with electronic systems to record each time we collect bins. If bins are not out for collection at the required time the system will record this information.

All properties that have kerbside wheeled bins receive a free weekly food recycling service. All food waste should be recycled using this service. This replaces the previous mixed garden and food waste collection service.

Your food recycling will be collected each week on your normal collection day.

By recycling food waste you will be creating compost for agriculture, which is good for Enfield and the planet.

To use your smaller silver indoor kitchen caddy, line the caddy with a 100% compostable liner or use newspaper or a compostable paper bag. You must not use plastic bags. All food waste, leftovers and kitchen scraps can be placed into the kitchen caddy.

The kitchen caddy can be stored on a work surface or in a cupboard. The lid closes securely to stop smells. Once full, place the filled compostable liner into the larger brown outdoor caddy. The lids on brown caddies are lockable, to prevent spillages and keep out wildlife.

On collection day, place the brown outdoor caddy out for collection. This must be placed in the front of your property boundary by 6:30am or it may not be collected. Make sure the lid is closed and secure, using the handle.

The smaller silver kitchen caddy is for indoor use only and should not be placed out for collection.

For information on what you can put in your caddy, see what goes in your bins.

View the Weekly Food Recycling booklet (PDF).

If you need a replacement bin, including food recycling caddy, you can request one below.

To find out about rubbish and recycling events in the borough, visit Wise up to Waste.