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About equality and diversity in Enfield

We are committed to equality in everything we do. This involves having due regard to the needs of diverse groups when designing, evaluating and delivering services. This is in order to:

  • eliminate discrimination
  • advance equality of opportunity and access
  • foster good relations between different groups in the community

All of this is with due consideration to the full range of 'protected characteristics', which are:

  • race
  • disability
  • sex
  • age
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • marriage and civil partnership (eliminating discrimination only)

These obligations are listed under the Equalities Act 2010. The Act also requires us to publish our equalities objectives - these appear in our latest Equality and Diversity Scheme Annual Report.

For more information, contact the Consultation & Residents Engagement Services Team Manager, at ilhan.basharan@enfield.gov.uk.

Our current equality objectives are included in our Business Plan, and are listed below. We will report on our progress in future annual reports.

1. Fairness for all

  • Reduce homelessness and increase the supply of good quality homes
  • Ensure that residents who are entitled to benefits receive them and maximise their income
  • Narrow the gaps between vulnerable and low-achieving children and young people on the one hand and their peers on the other
  • Provide sufficient, high quality school places
  • Continue to improve the educational attainment of all children and young people
  • Ensure that children and young people and vulnerable people are kept safe
  • Give people choice and control over their care and support them to lead independent lives
  • Reduce unemployment and improve the skills of our disadvantaged communities
  • Increase the number and range of opportunities for residents to participate in cultural, sporting and leisure activities

2. Growth and sustainability

  • Introduce the wheeled bin service to reduce waste disposal and increase recycling
  • Improve our streets and open spaces through better design, better cleanliness and a greener, more sustainable environment
  • Develop activities to minimise the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Improve the sustainability of transport and reduce its impact
  • Conserve our areas of cultural, natural and historic significance
  • Develop and implement plans to transform key areas of Enfield, including:
    • Ponders End and North East Enfield
    • Ladderswood Way and the A406
    • Edmonton Leeside, including Meridian Water and Edmonton
  • Improve the local economy, reduce unemployment and improve skills
  • Use the Local Development Framework to ensure a coordinated approach to long term development

3. Strong communities

  • Deliver the £2.1m Enfield Residents Priority Fund to enable residents to develop projects that improve their local areas and reduce deprivation
  • Contribute to the National Riots Communities and Victims Panel and produce recommendations for actions to address the findings
  • Increase the range of ways that residents and businesses can engage with the council, give their views and influence decision-making
  • Deliver high quality services that value diversity and promote community cohesion
  • Maintain a thriving voluntary and community sector
  • Continue to work in partnership with a wide range of organisations and public bodies to effectively address local issues
  • Reduce health inequalities and improve the health and well being of all residents
  • Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour

We have developed a Corporate Equality and Diversity Action Plan to help achieve our strategic aims. It concentrates on the objectives that we have as a council, rather than on equality targets and actions of individual services. The Plan first appeared within 'Fairness for All - Enfield Council's Equality and Diversity Scheme Annual Report 2010', and progress is reported in subsequent annual reports. The priorities within the Plan concentrate on five distinct areas:

  • Knowing our community
  • Leadership, partnership and organisational commitment
  • Community engagement and satisfaction
  • Responsive services and customer care
  • A modern diverse and reflective workforce

Each area has a set of corporate actions.

Service targets, actions and outcomes

Each service also has targets relating to equality and diversity issues. These are backed up by individual actions that aim to provide positive outcomes for residents and customers. Progress against these targets are published in our Equality and Diversity Scheme Annual Report (PDF).