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Customer service commitment

We want to deliver the best possible customer service to you at an affordable cost. This commitment sets out the standards of service you can expect from us, what we need from you and how you can help us improve customers’ experience.

What can you expect from us

We will:

  • accept your right to complain and guarantee a full investigation and response
  • act in a professional manner and know what we are talking about
  • apologise when we make a mistake, put things right and learn from it
  • be open and honest and explain our decisions
  • encourage those who can to go online so that we can continue to support those who cannot use or access the internet
  • keep our promises, keep you updated, or explain why if there is a delay
  • listen to you and act on what you tell us
  • maintain our libraries' advertised opening hours and give a minimum of three weeks notice of any planned closures
  • offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to information and services through our website and an emergency only telephone service at weekends, bank holidays and weekdays (Monday to Friday 5pm-9am)
  • resolve your query as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • treat you as a valued customer, showing you and your property respect

How you can help us

So that we can deliver our promises to you, we would like you to:

  • be patient with us and avoid making unnecessary repeat contact with us while you are waiting for your response
  • if you can, go online as this is the quickest, most accessible and most efficient way of communicating with us  
  • inform us of any changes in your personal circumstances which may affect services we provide to you
  • keep appointments, or try to give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel
  • supply all the evidence and documents we need to make an effective decision or take action.  Without all the required documentation, we are unable to help you
  • treat our staff courteously and with respect so that they can deliver the best service possible to you

We would also really like you to:

  • offer ideas and suggestions for improvements and work in partnership with us, where possible
  • tell us when you are pleased with our service as well as when any of these standards are not met

Measuring if we are meeting this commitment

We will:

  • aim to maintain a user satisfaction score of over 90%
  • aim to provide a response to written correspondence within ten working days of receiving it
  • aim to resolve 80% of queries first time, either via the website or on the phone
  • aim to see you within 15 minutes of your appointment time. (If you do not have an appointment, waiting times will be longer.)
  • ask for your views and feedback to improve our services
  • continue to provide telephone assistance to people who cannot access the internet or where the service is not available online
  • help customers get online by providing assistance in libraries and access centres
  • measure access and use of the website and online services, including take-up of Enfield Connected accounts
  • monitor take-up of our services to ensure we are meeting our commitment of fairness for all
  • provide 75% of requested libraries' items that are in stock in the borough, within thirty working days 
  • provide accessible, well-maintained buildings, access centres and libraries
  • publish our performance and actions following feedback on our website
  • respond to complaints within the deadlines stated in our complaints policy
  • show you whether we are keeping our promises through your Enfield Connected account
  • when visiting you at your home, we will arrive promptly and will show you our identification. We will never visit you at home without proper identification

Unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable customer behaviour includes:

  • being under the influence of controlled drugs or alcohol
  • damage to our or staff owned property
  • physical violence
  • threats of any kind (threatening behaviour or intimidation)
  • verbal abuse, including racist, sexist or discriminatory comments
  • vexatious complaints and harassment

We keep records of unacceptable customer behaviour and this may result in your access to services being changed.  In addition, we may prosecute you or share this information with partner organisations (subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act).