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Enfield stands together

Our community response

We are building community resilience in Enfield in response to the coronavirus crisis.

This is a challenging time for everyone. We want to help local people to support one another and provide essential services to people who need it.

Enfield Council and Enfield Voluntary Action have brought together key local partners and organisations so that we have a coordinated effort across our borough to organise volunteers and those who need help.

This includes our local NHS partners, Enfield Carer’s Centre, Age UK, Citizens Advice Enfield. In the coming days we plan to link up with many more local organisations and groups so that we can build on the fantastic work already being done across the borough.

It is important that all our efforts to help those in need are organised through the local authority so that we can act in line with a spread prevention approach. We are working with our local NHS partners and many community charities.

This is your first stop to find out how you can get involved or access help.

I want to help

If you would like to register to volunteer in your local community, please complete our COVID-19 volunteer form.

The purpose of this form is to collect your contact details so we can help connect people in communities. We also ask some other questions to find out more about the kind of help you can give. Enfield Voluntary Action will be in touch with you soon to talk about how you can help.

If you are unable to volunteer but would still like to help, you may wish to make a donation through our JustGiving page. All funds raised will go directly to the cost of food and essential supplies.

I need help

If you are currently isolated at home and don't have family or trusted friends you can rely on for adequate support, please complete our COVID-19 community support request form.

All requests will be triaged in accordance with need and we will prioritise the most vulnerable in the first instance:

  • People extremely vulnerable to coronavirus
  • Over 70's

We will be offering help with the following:

  • A friendly phone call
  • Out of food - a weekly basic food parcel delivered once a week for two weeks only
  • Financial hardship
  • Picking up medicine or a prescription - we are working closely with local pharmacies and have made arrangements with them so that we can support you. Please contact your pharmacy or GP (whoever arranges your prescriptions) and when you do, ask them to place your medicines in the 'Enfield Council pile' for delivery. Please also inform your GP to send your prescription directly to your pharmacy.

The food parcels we deliver will contain basic food items, and contents will vary depending on the availability of items.

You may prefer to buy your own food but are having difficulty getting online delivery slots. Most supermarkets have increased the number of slots available and are giving priority to those who are shielding. There is also a growing number of local Enfield businesses which are now offering home deliveries. These range from butchers to bakers and also include a number of local businesses which can provide cooked meals. See the list of local businesses offering home delivery service (PDF)

The purpose of this form is to collect your contact details so we can help connect you to support from a volunteer in your community. We also ask some other questions to find out more about the kind of help you need. If you can get support from family or friends in the meantime, please continue to do so.

If you need any help completing this form, please contact Enfield Council on 020 3821 1966. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm.

London Community Response

London funders are making funding available to local community organisations who are seeking to help with the community response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Visit London Community Response to see more information about how you may be able to receive funding to help local people with food and essentials at this difficult time.

Keeping safe

Some things to remember to keep safe:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) is contagious - avoid physical contact and wash hands regularly
  • Leave any items being delivered on the doorstep rather than going into someone’s home or inviting them in
  • Share information on any allergies
  • We suggest you don't exchange bank details with other people in your community. If you need to pay for something, please only exchange cash
  • You should continue at all times to follow the advice being given by Public Health England

We know this is an extremely anxious time for everyone. We are heartened that our community in Enfield is already pulling together and we will continue to work to build more resilience and be prepared.

Thank you for your support and dedication to ensuring Enfield remains a caring and vibrant community.

Community pantry

Enfield Stands Together has opened a community pantry, in partnership with the charity The Felix Project

For three days a week this will allow groups and charities, who support their communities with cooked meals, to pick up essential food supplies and ingredients.

If you run a community group or a charity that is cooking food for local people, you can express your interest in The Community Pantry by completing the request form below.

You will be contacted by email or by phone with instructions on how to proceed.

If you would like to donate food to The Community Pantry, email estcommunityhubpantry@enfield.gov.uk.

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