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I Love Enfield

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The 'I Love Enfield' campaign is designed to inspire people to be proud of the borough and continue to build a strong local community. Residents, businesses, students and young people are being encouraged to bring the community back to the heart of Enfield.

We have identified three ways you can take part in 'I Love Enfield' which are:

Share your 'I' on social media using the hashtag #ILoveEnfield.

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I Volunteer aims to encourage Enfield's long tradition of volunteering.

I Volunteer looks to the vibrancy, diversity, kindness and creativity of the people who live and work in the borough to continue this vital work.

Share your love of volunteering, inspire others to join in.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities.

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I Vote is more than just about voting at election time. By law, every year we need to check details are up to date so that you receive all relevant documents to vote. For more information see the Annual Canvass page.

You may be a young person voting for the first time in the next election. You may want to know the times for council meetings or the process to stand for elections.

Motivate others to take an interest and have a say in Enfield’s democratic services, by attending council meetings and local forums.

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We’re all responsible for keeping our borough tidy.

I Keep Enfield Tidy is about everyone playing their part and taking responsibility. As an individual or as part of a wider group, take pride in where you live, work and spend your leisure time.

People who litter, fly tip and allow their dogs to foul are costing you money through council taxes as well as making our environment unsightly and unhygienic.

We want you to take pride in Enfield in so many small and not so small ways when we work together by:

Let’s work together to keep Enfield tidy when you are out and about. Hashtag #ILoveEnfield to share what you are doing to Keep Enfield tidy.