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Our vision, aims and values

Our business plan sets out our vision for Enfield and the priorities that guide our strategies and plans. It informs the allocation of resources through our budgets, makes our activities clear to partners and stakeholders, and helps staff see how the work they do makes a difference to the lives of people in Enfield.

For 2016-2018, our business plan has been streamlined to focus on a number of key priority outcomes. The ‘plan on a page’ has the vision as the starting point, lists the priority outcomes under each of the three aims and shows how we contribute to delivering the vision.

For more information, view our Enfield Business Plan (PDF).

Our vision and aims

Our vision is to make Enfield a better place to live and work. Underpinning this commitment are three strategic aims, the delivery of which will contribute to a better quality of life for all residents in the Borough.

1. Fairness for all

We aim to tackle the inequalities in the Borough and will meet your needs by protecting the vulnerable, providing education and support to young people and making services and opportunities accessible.

Our priorities are to:

  • serve the whole borough fairly and tackle inequality
  • provide high quality, affordable and accessible services for all
  • enable young people to achieve their potential

Key strategies: 

2. Growth and sustainability

We aim to take advantage of the upturn in the London and national economy with our ambitious plans for improved transport, regeneration of our most deprived areas and sustainable economic growth.

Our priorities are to:

  • maintain a clean, green, sustainable environment
  • bring growth, jobs and opportunities to the Borough

Key strategies:

3. Strong communities

We aim to build strong, cohesive communities. We want Enfield to be a place where residents are proud to live, where people from all backgrounds are welcomed and where people take responsibility for their own lives and actively participate in their communities.

Our priorities are to:

  • encourage active citizenship
  • listen to the needs of local people and be open and accountable
  • provide strong leadership to champion the needs of Enfield
  • work in partnership with others to ensure Enfield is a safe and healthy place to live

Key strategies: 

We will monitor our progress against these three aims, which can be viewed on Our performance.

Our values

Our vision and strategic aims are supported by our values, which will ensure that we can meet the challenges of the future.

One team - working together across teams, departments and partners to deliver the best possible services for our residents.

Customer first - treating the community, colleagues and partners with fairness and respect, listening and responding to their needs and designing our services around the people we serve.

Achieving excellence - consistently striving to deliver standards of excellence through ambition, creativity, pride in our achievements and a ‘can-do’ attitude to new challenges.

Empowering people - enabling our staff and local community to make informed choices and giving our staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve services, take personal responsibility, accept risk and recognise success.