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Creating a lifetime of opportunities in Enfield

Enfield Corporate Plan 2018-2022

In this new plan, we set out our aims and priorities for the next four years. We will continue to play a full part in supporting our borough to move ahead. By prioritising our objectives, continuing to manage our resources effectively and exploring new and innovative ways of providing services, we will deliver real improvements to the lives and wellbeing of our residents.

For more information view our Enfield Corporate Plan 2018-2022 (PDF).

The People and The Place – delivering for everyone in Enfield over the next four years

1. Good homes in well-connected neighbourhoods

Our priorities are to:

  • continue our pioneering approach to regeneration to create thriving, affordable neighbourhoods and places
  • increase the supply of affordable, quality housing options for ownership, social rent and private rent
  • drive investment in rail, roads and cycling infrastructure to improve connectivity and support economic development
  • create an enterprising environment for businesses to prosper with world class digital infrastructure and enable young people to achieve their potential

View our key strategies:

2. Sustain strong and healthy communities

We aim to take advantage of the upturn in the London and national economy with our ambitious plans for improved transport, regeneration of our most deprived areas and sustainable economic growth.

Our priorities are to:

  • protect those most in need by continuing to deliver the services and safeguarding measures they rely on
  • work smartly with our partners and other service providers so that as many people as possible are able to live independent and full lives
  • build measures into all our strategies and projects that will help improve public health and peoples wellbeing
  • work with partners to make Enfield a safer place by tackling all types of crime and anti-social behaviour, and protecting the local urban and green environment

View our key strategies:

3. Build our economy to create a thriving place

Our priorities are to:

  • work with local businesses and partners to develop a strong and competitive local economy and vibrant town centres that benefit all residents
  • support residents to take more responsibility and play a greater role in developing active and safe communities
  • enable people to reach their potential through access to high quality schools and learning; and create more opportunities for training and employment
  • embrace our diversity, culture and heritage and work on reducing inequalities to make Enfield a place for people to enjoy form childhood to old age

View our key strategies:

Our guiding principles

We will deliver these commitments through our guiding principles:

Communicate with you

  • Be responsive, effective and consistent in our communications with residents
  • Listen carefully to what our residents need and use this information to improve our services
  • Promote Enfield widely to ensure that the Borough receives the maximum benefit from national, regional and sub-regional programmes

Work with you

  • Be open and transparent about what we are able to deliver
  • Engage with residents to measure and evaluate our services
  • Collaborate across the Borough and beyond to develop new ways of working
  • Value the workforce across the Borough and enable them to deliver services effectively and efficiently

Work smartly for you

  • Target resources smartly and reinvest income wisely to deliver excellent value for money and reduce inequality
  • Develop new partnerships across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors to deliver better outcomes for residents
  • Increase access to digital services and transactions and make better use of data to understand the needs of our residents

View our commercial strategy (PDF).