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Pride in your street, gardens and window boxes

One way to keep our streets clean and tidy is to ensure the front of our home is well cared for.

Untidy, littered and overgrown front gardens can:

  • encourage pests like foxes, mice and rats
  • obscure your home – making it an easy target for vandals or thieves
  • increase the risk of accidents through falls or slips on wet leaves or litter
  • cause damage to fences, walls and paving

The front of our homes, whether large or small, is one area we can be as creative as we like.

Whether you like a minimalist look or lots of plants and the odd garden gnome, we can all do our bit to brighten up the neighbourhood.

Appreciating your neighbour’s creative efforts or helping them to clear their leaves is a great way to get to know people and lend a hand.

Enfield is one of London’s greenest boroughs and that includes all the keen gardeners, allotment keepers and park lovers who help to make it a greener place to live.

Useful links for garden ideas

There are also a number of garden centres here in Enfield around the Crews Hill area. For more information, visit The Garden Centre Guide - Crews Hill.