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The Crisis in Syria

Message from Cllr Brett

Welcome to Enfield Council's Syrian refugee webpage. Here you can find out more about the Syrian refugee crisis, what the council is doing to support Syrian refugees, and ways that you can help too.

Since the conflict began in 2011, over 11 million people, around half the countries pre-war population, have been killed or forced to flee their homes. 7.5 million of those affected by the war have been children. Each year the conflict forces a huge growth in the number of refugees, resulting in Syrians now becoming the largest refugee population in the world.

Enfield Council is committed to helping the most vulnerable Syrian refugees, through our support to Save the Children’s Syria Crisis Appeal, various fundraising events, and by working with the Greater London Authority and the Home Office to agree a pan-London approach to resettling Syrian refugees. We hope that you can help too! Please explore the ways suggested on our page of how you can also help those affected by events in Syria.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this page.

Cllr Yasemin Brett- Cabinet Member for Community Organisations & Culture

What we are doing

In response to the Prime Minister's announcement in September 2015 that the United Kingdom will receive 20,000 people displaced by the ongoing conflict in Syria, we passed a resolution outlining our initial position.

"Enfield Council notes the desperate plight of refugees fleeing Syria and seeking safety in the countries of the EU. This Council will work with other London Councils to play a part in a national response to the crisis."

Following the resolution, it was agreed that a dedicated Cabinet sub-Committee would be created to lead on our response. This would be supported by a multi-departmental officer task group to support members and senior officers.

Like many other London Local Authorities, we are continuing to work with the London Councils, Greater London Authority and the Home Office to agree a pan-London approach which will allow us to participate in the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Scheme.

Working with the community

The government has announced the launch of a community sponsorship scheme to encourage community groups to sponsor refugee families. We’re currently working with the Enfield Refugees Welcome Group as part of this programme to resettle a Syrian family into the local community.


In November 2016, a charity quiz-night, attended by around 125 of our staff and councillors raised £1,700 to help the crisis in Syria.

The event was organised by Councillor Yasemin Brett, who came to the UK as a refugee in her teens, and aimed to raise awareness about the scores of young Syrians fleeing their homes.

The money raised will be donated to Save the Children to provide young Syrian refugees with food, shelter and medicine.

We will be seeking to organise more events in the community to help maintain awareness of the crisis. Opportunities to take part in future events, will be added to this page and advertised in the local press.

How you can help

We know the response of local people to the refugee crisis has been one of overwhelming generosity and many will wish to assist in whatever way they can.

If you would like to help, you can:

If you're part of a community interest company or community organisation with registered charity status, your organisation can explore the possibility of participating in the government's community sponsorship scheme.

The crisis in Syria