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I Volunteer

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I Volunteer encourages people who live, work and study in Enfield to get involved in the local community. Whatever you want to get out of volunteering, Enfield has the opportunity for you.

It is estimated that 40 per cent of the population volunteers. This means that over 100,000 Enfield residents are out there helping others on a regular basis. By joining this ever-growing band of volunteers, you too can really make a difference to individuals and the community. Check out ten great reasons to get involved in volunteering.

Read about Enfield volunteers who are already making a difference in a variety of ways. 

  1. It gives you a sense of achievement and reduces stress
  2. It helps you learn new skills and improves your job prospects
  3. It's a great way to meet people and make new friends
  4. It helps you grow and develop as a person
  5. It makes the local neighbourhood stronger
  6. It teaches you how charities work and about their areas of expertise
  7. It's an opportunity to give something valuable to people in need
  8. It increases your sense of civic pride and social responsibility
  9. It can provide an opportunity to travel abroad with international programmes
  10. It's really good fun

Volunteer for Enfield Council

We are particularly looking for you to:

Other volunteering opportunities

Find out how to get practical advice from Volunteer Centre Enfield and discover how your efforts can be recognised through our 100 Hours Volunteering Scheme.

You could also volunteer as a Special Constable.

For more information about local volunteering opportunities, visit Do-it.

Philomena Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I volunteered with Ridge Avenue Library in Enfield and I now have a permanent job as a Customer Service officer with the Enfield Library service.

Why I got into volunteering
I have always wanted to do something for the community and since I had some free time I decided to apply to become a volunteer. I saw the advert for volunteers on the Enfield Council website. I viewed volunteering as a way of helping the community, especially the elderly and those who aren’t tech savvy.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
My biggest achievement while volunteering was learning how the library system works and as a result helping the community effectively. For example, I learned how to search for books, discharge and renew books for customers, which gave me a sense of satisfaction knowing that I had helped members of the public with their enquiries. Libraries are a great place to volunteer and I could see the effects my efforts made on others in the community.

How volunteering has benefited me personally
Personally, volunteering has helped me a lot because it contributed to me getting a job as a Customer Service officer with Enfield Council. The experience of volunteering gave me the confidence I needed when I started working because I already knew the basics of how the library services works. Also, I made a real connection with the people that I was helping and made friends with other volunteers and employees.

Brendon Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I am the chairman and treasurer of the Royal British Legion (RBL) Enfield Branch committee and chairman and secretary of the RBL ceremonial committee. This committee organises the Armed Forces Day parade and the Remembrance Day parade in Enfield. I am also involved in annual Poppy Appeal collections, including many hours standing with collecting boxes. I work with many great people who also give up their time for this great cause.

Why I got into volunteering
To help to improve the lives of the Armed Forces community, service people, veterans and their families.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
I am very proud of my role as standard bearer

How volunteering has benefited me personally
Volunteering has benefited me in many ways. I've enjoyed the comradeship and have made great friends. I enjoy helping and supporting other people. It makes me feel happy that I am helping ex-service members, many of whom are often too proud to ask for help and are unsure about what support is available.

Costakis Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I volunteer with Edmonton Eagles Amateur Boxing Club and also oversee the running of the following projects: Running with the Vision – Youth Football and Youth Zone Youth Club.

Why I got into volunteering
I want to invest and make a positive contribution, especially to young people's lives, to help maximize their life opportunities.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
The recognition and different awards the club has received such as 'Enfield Club of the Year' 2010 and numerous other awards. This culminated in 2015 with the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, which was such an honour and a great encouragement to us all. I would also say that the biggest achievement is helping inspire and see individual young people develop and achieve success beyond their expectations.

How volunteering has benefited me personally
I have received more back than I have really contributed and every day I learn something new. It is life-enriching to have the opportunity to interact and learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds, cultures and faiths. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most wonderful people, from my colleagues who selflessly dedicate so much of their time, to working with other organisations and those that have provided the essential backing needed. I have been overwhelmed by the incredible support the club has received over the years, and the added bonus is that I have made lifelong friends. There have been so many positives that space and time do not do justice with regards to answering this question fully.

Irene Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I volunteer with Willow Residents Association and various local charities.

Why I got into volunteering
Someone wanted to build a block of flats at the bottom of my garden, so I started the Willow Residents Association. It took me three months to knock on every door surrounding the site. I then held a meeting and 200 people turned up.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
I have no biggest one. How can I choose big or small? Everything is an achievement if it has a good result. Whatever it is, big or small, it is important to me.

How volunteering has benefited me personally
I have broadened my knowledge, developed news skills and made many friends. I have hopefully made things better for someone. It has allowed me to meet people and see things that I never thought I would be so fortunate to experience in my lifetime.

Jagz Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I volunteer with The Scout Association.

Why I got into volunteering
I have been a member of The Scout Association ever since I was 6 years old. I always looked up to my leaders as role models and I wanted to help influence the lives of other young people, giving something back to scouting.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
Personally my biggest achievement is completing my Queen's Scout Award, which is the highest award you can achieve and is recognised by the Queen. The award has many different sections, including a service to your community where I assisted in running a Scout Group in Enfield. The most adventurous part of the award was an expedition where I was lucky enough to hike through the Amazon Rainforest for ten days, where as part of a team we helped with village projects.

How volunteering has benefited me personally
Honestly, scouting has changed my life. I still remember the day my mum first took me and I said I wanted to go home. She persuaded me to stay and now, 13 years later, it has made me the person I am. It has helped me make friends across not only the UK but the world, including countries like Australia and Canada. Scouting really is a unique organisation and it really changes lives. It has developed my everyday life, even helping towards getting a job. But most of all it has given me the confidence to go out there and make a difference.

Rekha Enfield Volunteer

How I volunteer
I volunteer with Enfield Disability Action and Age UK in Redbridge.

Why I got into volunteering
I get satisfaction in helping people whenever and wherever I can. This also keeps me active, both mentally and physically.

My biggest achievement while volunteering
I have gained a lot of knowledge and have become very confident in starting new projects.

How volunteering has benefited me personally
I have made a lot of friends, developed new skills and gained a lot of self-confidence.