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Christopher PayneChristopher Payne – PGA Advanced Professional

I started playing golf at the age of 10, having managed to find the sweet spot a few times on my dad’s Wilson Staff sand wedge! I was immediately hooked, and couldn’t wait for my next visit to the driving range.

I spent many afternoons after school in the winter watching my “Seve-The Short Game” video. Seve was, and is, my favourite golfer of all time. At the age of 12 I saw Seve in person for the first time at the European Open, and I would go to watch him play at every conceivable opportunity up until my mid twenties, when Seve retired.

At 17, I realised it may prove wise to learn all aspects of the golfing trade as my game wasn’t to the standard of Sergio Garcia’s, with whom I’d played a practice round before the European Under 21s Championship.

I became fully qualified under the PGA’s diploma scheme in 2002 and have been coaching full time ever since. I have constantly spent my own time and resources to further my knowledge as a golf teacher. This has meant spending time with some of the world’s top coaches, such as Mike Hebron, Butch Harmon, Laird Small and most noticeably Mac O’Grady.

To help golfers with all areas of the game, I have gained the TPI Golf fitness instructor certificate, along with studying NLP and other methods of golf psychology.

My “method” of coaching is definitely based on the teachings of George Knudson as these have been most successful to the recreational golfer and advanced players alike.

My golf lessons cover all aspects of the game. I can use the latest swing capturing programmes, or keep things simple if you prefer more of a “feel” type improvement. The long game lessons are done on the practice area at Whitewebbs, whereas all the short game sessions take place on the course. ​

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