4-22 Foundation

4-22 Foundation will deliver our 20-week Pilot Scheme for ages 11 to 13 years old (A) One-to-One Mentoring and (B) Academic Support (An Introduction to STEM). Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

(A)We will recruit mentors to offer one-to-one support to mentees. 5 children aged 11-13 (who have been identified by their school-teachers as being most at need of support) will receive mentoring.

(B)We will recruit professional tutors with specialist knowledge to teach 15 young people in each of Years Seven, Eight and Nine in STEM subjects.  Our curriculum will centre on providing an accessible and engaging introduction to careers in coding, programming and gaming.

Our pilot scheme will inspire, motivate and enable 50 young people each year to raise their aspirations, gain a much greater understanding of STEM subjects, increase their self-esteem and confidence whilst achieving their full potential.