Chickenshed Theatre Company “Day One Big School”

This is an anti- gang theatrical show and workshops for year 5 / 6 pupils

Day 1 – Big School is a hard hitting, high energy performance and will be delivered to either year 6 children or year 5 and year 6 and is immediately followed by a workshop which explores the themes in more depth.  This enables children to practically engage with the creative material from the production.

The performances will begin in January 2020 and run for 2 years.  The 15 schools will be selected in liaison with the Police according to areas of need, high crime areas and schools that have a higher than usual proportion of children with challenging behaviour. 

The intended outcomes are that young people will be introduced to the themes of negative influences, exploitation, bullying and gangs through physical theatre and can explore the best decisions to keep them safe when they move from primary school to secondary school.