If you’re interested in volunteering, here are a few sites that might help you decide what causes and events you would like to get involved in.

Enfield Youth Parliament (EYP)

Any 11-19 year old who goes to a school, college or youth centre in Enfield can nominate themselves to stand as a candidate and are directly recruited through those institutions.

Each school, college, youth centre in Enfield will have the chance to elect 3 EYP members who will form the parliament for the next two years. The EYP meet 10 times a year but have the opportunity to work on projects and attend other event and meetings to represent young people. EYP members are responsible for representing the views of young people but must also make sure the school, college or youth centre they attend are updated. The EYP also nominate candidates to sit on the UK Youth Parliament for Enfield.


Enfield Heroes is all about volunteering. Encouraging those who live, work and study in the borough to get involved in the local community. Whatever you want to get out of volunteering, Enfield has the opportunity for you.




V- Inspired is the UK’s leading volunteering charity for 14 – 25 year olds. vinspired helps young people to make their mark on causes that they care about, whilst learning new skills and talents along the way.